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White noise sleeper function:
1. Insomnia is a very painful thing.
2. Short-term insomnia can make people feel depressed.
3. Long-term insomnia can cause physical and mental harm.
4. Use this product before going to sleep to create a comfortable and relaxing sleeping environment, so that you can go to sleep more quickly and improve your sleep quality.

* High-fidelity music chip, special speaker, pure sound quality, natural sound is perfect.
* The product has an amber night light, which creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere at night.
* Dedicated timer to provide you with timed shutdown control. Optional automatic shutdown after 30min, 60min, energy saving and environmental protectio n.
* The product comes with a headphone jack, which is convenient for you to use in a public environment such as the terminal/office, and will not interfere with others.
* The product size is only 64.5x47.5*37mm, which is light and portable. Provide good sleep protectio n for your unfamiliar living environment when traveling/traveling/visiting relatives.
* Built-in 6 white noise music: white noise, rain, wind, water, birds, night. In addition, it is equipped with a TF card expansion slot for loading your favorite songs. (Maximum support for 32GB TF card, the product does not ship with TF card).


Main material  ABS+SUS304
Color Black
Automatic Timing Selection 30, 60 minutes
Battery Model BL-5B battery (nominal 550mA, actual capacity 600mA)
Working Voltage DC 5V 300mA
White Noise Power 2W
White Noise Horn Caliber 40m
Product Size 64.5x47.5x37mm
Product Weight App 79g
Applicable People People with sleep disorders, infants and young children

Package Included:
1 x M2000 Sleep Instrument
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
1 x English manual

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